just made this and I hate/love myself for it

HAHAHAHAHA I’ve been waiting for this.

Red || 1989


the new devil inside movie looks so good


the new devil inside movie looks so good

How many plays of Shake It Off can you handle before you reach your limit?



On Taylor’s recent phone interview with UK radio station Kiss FM they mentioned she will be on The X Factor UK in October!

I want this song to go out in the world and not be about my critics, I want it to be about the girl who’s criticizing someone in eleventh grade because she thinks that her hair looks stupid. And that girl then goes and like cries in the bathroom because of it. These are things that we go through in every phase of our lives, starting a new job and there’s just someone who has it out for you. And I hope that maybe, you know, I had a lot of days when I would come home from school, and get in the car and my mom would try so hard to console me ‘cause someone had made fun of me or something had said something about me, or not invited me to something I was dying to go to. And she would always try to find songs that bring me out of that, and music always helped distract me from that, so I think my greatest hope is that this started out being about my life and I just want it to go out into cars, and speakers, and your phones, and become about their lives.
Taylor on what she wants the message of ‘Shake It Off’ to be. (x)



When waiting to take my pic with Taylor the group infront of me, one of the girls had a Grammy and she goes “this is so heavy and you held four at once” and Taylor goes “why do you think I dropped one?” And I laughed so hard guys.

And then she was like “the moon man is super heavy too! But the CMA awards are like nothing!” And then she grabbed a CMA award from somebody and just waved it around above her head

I go on too many dates. But I can’t make them stay.